Sponsor a Dog

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CEBR recently took in 7 females from different and unique situations.  Five of them were owner surrenders (Emily, Mimi, Violet, Coconut and Iris) and two of them were 8 year old strays found at completely different locations (Rosie and Bella). 
Each one of them needed to be spayed and have a wellness exam.  A spay costs approximately $375 and an exam is approximately $75.  

We are asking our friends, followers, previous adopters and fans to help with these girls.  For everyone who "sponsor a spay" you will receive a CEBR keychain and a sticker.  And for those that "sponsor a wellness exam" you will receive a CEBR sticker.  
There is a limited quantity so get yours today!

Please save a copy of your receipt and send it to samantha@ebullymatch.com with your address.  In the comment section, simply type in "spay" or "exam".  We will also post a picture on social media with a special message to you from a dog you are helping :)

As always, we thank you SO much for your continued support and we couldn't do it without you!