Chicago English Bulldog Rescue (CEBR for short) and our volunteers have been helping pure-bred bullies and their families for over 12 years. We are a licensed Illinois shelter and a 501c3 charitable organization. The care we provide our English Bully rescues exceeds any you will find from a breed rescue…heck, any rescue! This love includes a high quality diet, the best veterinary care around from a bulldog specialist and behavioral evaluations of the highest quality. 
We serve Chicago-proper and the surrounding suburbs, the state of Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Southeast Wisconsin including Milwaukee. Our 70+ volunteer force has re-homed over 1000 bullies and counseled hundreds of families to provide support, encouragement and training consults to help keep bullies in their homes. All of the bullies that come into our program stay in loving foster homes until they are adopted.
Our dedicated group of volunteers also operates an exceptional Rescue Program which focuses on puppy mill and large scale surrender situations.These are dogs that after years of neglect and abuse typically require extensive rehabilitative care. We believe they deserve a second chance and our web store is one component of our fundraising efforts that allows us to make that happen.
100% of the net proceeds for every purchase in this store goes to the medical fund for the bullies in our care. We personally choose every item in our store and carry top quality products for dog lovers and supporters of rescue.
When you buy from the CEBR Store you can trust that you are contributing to the effort to save lives and make a difference!
Check out these other great sites if you want to learn more about our rescue efforts or become involved:
  • - Find out more about adopting or volunteering and stay up to date on the latest news and events on our web site. 
  • Chicago English Bulldog Rescue Meetup - Join in on the Discussion Board and get answers to all of your bully health, maintenance and behavior questions. Come out to a Meetup event to socialize with our volunteers, fosters dogs and tons of other bullies and their owners. Bring your own bully with for a fun playdate.