Shoresy's Fund: In Memory



On April 8th 2021 we received a call from Chicago Animal Care and Control asking for help with a dog that was not mobile. The paperwork said the dog had been “found in a parking lot and had been there for days”. Of course we were horrified and immediately jumped in. We knew he had to go straight to a specialist so we took him to Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove to see their neurology team. We had no idea why he wasn’t walking. His eyes were darting back and forth (nystagmus) and he was bit off kilter. He couldn’t stand. We desperately wanted to help.

We didn’t know this dog, but immediately committed to his care. We ran extensive testing to determine his condition. We tried to stabilize him and get him into a home where he was loved. We posted his story on Facebook for you to see. We were excited to share him with you.

What then happened shocked us. We received a call from a medical professional who had seen this same dog about 4-5 days earlier on an emergency basis. This person saw him on our Facebook page and couldn’t believe it. It was the same dog that was in the clinic just days before! The professional had just seen the dog, told the owners that more testing was needed, or that the owners should call CEBR to surrender the dog (or consider euthanasia). The guess was that this boy had a brain abnormality during that visit. And the “owners”, instead of taking the professional help, took the dog home and never followed up.

Lo and behold…a few days later they dumped the dog. Some people shouldn’t be entrusted to the care of animals!

After much searching and sleuthing on the background of the dog, we found out the name of the owners and realized that they are the ones that dumped the dog at Animal Control and lied and said they found him in parking lot. They didn’t find him. They knew all about his history, could have done the right thing, could have called CEBR and we could have stepped in. We could have had history. We could have spared him tests. We could have intervened sooner.

Instead he suffered. Instead they chickened out and lied. Instead they allowed a rescue to step in and pay thousands of dollars in testing, for something they already knew —this dog had a degenerative condition that wasn’t curable.

We named him Shoresy. We also called him Dex. All of the testing we did confirmed he had a degenerative brain abnormality called abiotrophy. We found out his real age. 7 months. This condition is most often found in dogs between 6 weeks and 6 months of age and typically is not curable. We consulted with 3 veterinarians and specialists and received the news we didn’t want to hear. This boy would never walk. While this isn’t always the worst of the worst for some dogs, it was so hard to watch him struggle. He clearly once knew how to walk, and lost the ability. He wanted to get up and couldn’t. He had zero motor control. He was stuck in a body he couldn’t control. And this would never get better according to the doctors. Only worse. His frustration was palpable (there is a behavioral component of this diagnosis too), and the potential pain…it just something we could wrap our hands around to make him comfortable. Nobody could.
So we did the right thing. Often the hardest. But the right thing. We let him go in peace. The whole ordeal could have been mitigated had the original “owners” done the right thing and not subjected their dog to days in a shelter, days of transport, days of testing. We even found out his former name. Fats.  

He passed knowing his CEBR people loved and cared for him.  He deserved so much better in his life, but knew love and kindness. He got to make a new bully friend Tinley whom he seemed to be super curious about. He ate well. He was doted on in the short term we had him.

So we post a tribute to him today. To Shoresy. To Dex.

Our care for this precious boy was $3,125 in just under two weeks. Please help us replenish our account to cover the care we provided.

We are so sad there wasn’t a joyous outcome, but we did right by him. We did. Please contribute in his honor. 

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