Rosa's Rescue Fund

An 80-year-old gentleman was taking his morning walk along the woods. The sun was shining that a.m. and there was a narrow ray that beamed down like an arrow to the ground. He saw something move out of the corner of his eye. It took him a second to figure it out as he walked up to the small ravine/gully and realized the sun was gleaming on the white area of a dog’s face. It was Rosa (as they would name her later) and she was the exact color of the leaves. Camouflaged. There is no telling how long she had been sitting in that hole through the rain and the freezing temperatures. He went to a neighbor’s house for help. Rosa was very lucky – as this area floods quickly and she would not have survived one more rainstorm.

She was either put in the woods and left to die and/or rolled down the incline to the ravine but being paralyzed, there was no saving herself. There was obvious extreme neglect. Her nails were longer than any we’ve seen. Her eyes and skin needed care. Miraculously she is heartworm negative. One thing for sure is that it was a miracle she was found.

A Facebook plea was made for help while they were still in the woods taking pictures not knowing what to do. Keri Toth from U CARE Project was called and she drove and took Rosa to Pineville Pet Hospital. CEBR was alerted about the Facebook post and stepped right in.

It took a 6 person team to get Rosa from Louisiana to Chicago and they did it in one day yesterday. It takes a village and we would like to give a special thanks to Keri Toth, the Pineville Pet Hospital staff, Jennifer Cryer and her parents for finding Rosa and donating, Jody Johnson for her endless efforts for sharing her story and creating the awareness from the beginning, Sandy Cohen for quickly arranging the 6 leg transport and all of the drivers who donating their time, love and vehicles to get her to CEBR.


Please stay tuned to this story on our Facebook page.  Over the coming days, we will be telling you more about Rosa Louisiana and will update as we have more information on her progress and health.

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