Pauley's Miracle Fund



The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind for CEBR.

This most precious boy was found abandoned in what we think was a vacated property. He was emaciated and clearly very weak and sick. He arrived at Chicago Animal Control Sunday afternoon (4/25) and they immediately called us to help. 
We scooped him up and got him straight to the ER. He was vomiting and they weren’t sure if he had parvovirus or some sort of intestinal blockage based on X-rays. We put down a deposit of $4k for his overnight care.

On 4/26 he had an ultrasound and that revealed a blockage of some sort as well as fluid in his belly and possibly intussusception (a condition where the intestine turns in on itself). It wasn’t looking food. He was severely dehydrated and malnourished and his sodium and other critical counts were way off.

He had been trying to eat for who knows how long but the food wouldn’t travel through his system because of the blockage. So he would vomit. Literally. No food could go in to feed his body. And now he looks like this and is so sick.

We received an estimate of $8k for surgery and an additional $1200 per day for hospitalization. But we committed to helping him. Today was a nail biter as we evaluated options for him.

Lucky for us we have an amazing rescue partner in Dr Paul Navin and his staff at VCA All Pets Animal Hospital who welcomed him into emergency surgery (after a full 9 hour day of other important surgeries on his schedule with other pets) to help us. He found the blockage. He’s a master surgeon. A corn cob wrapped with hair. The damage was not as bad as the ER vet thought it may be and he made it through surgery and is recovering back at the overnight ICU. I couldn’t be more grateful to Dr Navin. 

In honor of Dr Navin, we have decided to name this boy Pauley!
Our little non profit always helps. Despite the ramifications. We are smart about our finances and try to spend wisely. Today was an example of us working hard for this dog and for our donors. Trying to find the best solution on limited funds but not denying any care. 
Instead of a potential $17-18k bill at the specialty ER we are probably looking at $10k total. Still no drop in the bucket but we worked hard to find a plan. 
We do everything we can. We care like crazy. And want to give second chances. And give him everything he needs.


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