Pet Shampoos by Nootie

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Soothe Shampoos

Nootie's soap free shampoos are delicately formulated to help soothe and cleanse your pets skin & coat. Use with Daily Care products to continue moisturizing and maintaining the fresh smelling scents in between washes

Soothe Max is made with aloe & oatmeal to gently soothe and cleanse pet's skin and coat. It's soap free and is formulated for pets with dry, sensitive skin. Formulated for dogs, cats and horses of any age. Made with Non-Irritating Fragrance Technology

  • Soothing & Restoring
  • Contains Aloe & Oatmeal
  • Safe to use with topical flea and tick products
  • Contains Ordenone to help deodorize.

Comes in three scents:  Japanese Cherry Blossom, Vanilla Bean and White Lotus Plum.

Ultra Hex Medicated Shampoo

Active Ingredients: ChlorhexidineGluconate 4%
Ultra Hex is an antiseptic (antibacterial and antifungal) shampoo designated for use with conditions responsive to chlorhexidine.

  • Helps fight bacteria, fungi and yeast.
  • Moisturizes the pet’s skin
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance

Non-Irritating Fragrance Technology
Formulated for dogs, cats and horses