American Antler Dog Chew


Every year deer, elk, and moose throughout North America naturally grow and shed their antlers. These antlers are loaded with calcium, minerals, and other nutrients which can benefit your dog's teeth, bones and overall health. These antlers are not exposed to hormones and steroids that can be found in other types of dog chews or treats. This is due to their diets consisting of only natural vegetation. In fact, Antlers have been used in human diets and supplements around the world for centuries and are still in use today.

Antlers are the fastest growing bone in the world, growing back larger and fuller every year. These antlers are gathered from farms, woods, and antler collectors around the nation and do not process them in any way-they are only cut then lightly sanded for packaging.
A healthy and natural alternative to other dog chews, American Antler Dog Chews are a long lasting, durable dog chew you can give to your dog with confidence and watch as your pet will absolutely enjoy this natural treat!

Benefits of Antlers

  • Long Lasting 
  • Great Source of Calcium, Minerals, and Nutrients 
  • No Splinters 
  • No Added Chemicals
  • No Odors 
  • No Steroids or Hormones 
  • Great For Any Size Dog

We have an antler for every size dog in your pack!