Winston's "We Can Do This" Fund!


Sir Winston arrived in CEBR's care in October 2020.  We've been pretty quiet behind the scenes with this guy ... because ... we've been busy helping him!
He's a gorgeous, athletic and quirky bulldog who loves his stuffed toys and will do anything for a treat.  Prior to arriving in our care Winston had spent the majority of his life in a breeding situation, crated and without a lot of freedom. It was obvious Winston was full of life, ready to charge out into the world and basically sniff and put his mouth and mug on everything he could find in his path.
His early days in CEBR's care involved all of the basic bully stuff:  a cherry eye removal, neuter and dealing with some typical bulldog allergies and itchiness.
After a few months with CEBR we also realized Winston really suffered with some anxiety and behavioral issues that needed to be addressed. CEBR made an additional investment of time and money for Winston in critical training and behavioral resources so that we could begin to recognize and work with him to ensure he would have a happy and safe life with a future forever home. Through two great resources --  A Sound Beginning and Chicagoland Veterinary Behavior Consultants we had started to make some great progress with Winston. 
Then in January 2021 Winston took a drastic and quick turn for the worse.  He health was failing for no reason.  He spent several weeks in and out of the ER and critical care for severe and on-going gastric issues. CEBR again ensured that Winston had access to the best care and specialists to try and not only treat but diagnose the underlying issues.  Through working with Internal Medicine specialists it was determined that Winston has chronic and likely lifetime inflammatory bowel disease or other intestinal inflammations combined with an inability to retain key proteins within his body. (Albumin and Globulin).
Throughout January and February 2021 Winston went through X-rays, extensive blood work/panels, UltraSounds, an Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy. Wowser!
Following his diagnosis we had settled into a medicine regime and unfortunately crisis struck again for poor Winston. Due to his extremely delicate and compromised immune system Winston had developed a large and extremely dangerous infection in his back leg as a result of what was likely simply a tiny cut.  He endured weeks of a leg wrap, visits with a Surgeon and ultimately required surgery to have the wound closed.  It was touch and go for a while as to whether he would keep his leg. 
Through all of this his Foster home was there for him, caring for him, transporting him and ensuring he got the extra care he needed. Through all of this Winston kept his quirky and fun personality and extreme love affair with his soft toy Mr. Llama. 
As of today, his protein levels are steadily improving and he's been able to get little healthier every few weeks. His leg has also made almost a 100% recovery.  We can see his personality starting to change as he gets healthier.  He's also managed to gain an impressive 10 lbs in the last 40 days.  He's looking appropriately bulldog Chonky now.  We have also continued his behavioral training and Winston is doing very well and gaining those critical life skills that will help him thrive in his forever home. 
Winston's monthly prescription & food regime is also very expensive at around $540 a month but something he requires to ensure he stays healthy. From time to time CEBR is entrusted with the care of a dog like Winston who requires extreme medical care.
Since January 2021 CEBR has invested over $18,000 in Winston's care. It's only through donations of our supporters that we were able to save his life and continue to work towards getting him ready for his forever home.
OUR GOAL IS $17K FOR THIS BOY. HELP US GET THERE?  Here is how his care breaks down:
ER Stays:  $7100
Leg Surgery:  $4500
Bowel Issues/Testing:  $4300
Basic Neuter, Cherry Eye and Care:  $500
Behavioral Support Therapy: $620
Echocardiogram:  $522
Monthly Meds:  $541.22 (this is comparing across multiple pharmacies and reducing costs!)

Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, Inc. NFP is the oldest bulldog rescue in Illinois and is an approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization recognized by the IRS and the Illinois Charitable Bureau. Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. We sincerely appreciate your generous support.